How to draw Female Body - Manga style

This series of tutorials, which begins here, has been developed for the large number of people who want to learn about the drawing Hentai style, although we know there are people who do not like this kind of art, for which we apologize to them; and those who like this style hope will be useful.

In the Hentai style the most important thing is to know the female body, a draftsman of this style must have a knowledge of anatomy to give them motion, grace and sensuality, because ultimately, what is emerging in the erotic manga, is the woman.




Draw Hentai style 


Here is a comparison between a real body and a Hentai body, which shows the changes being made to idealize the figure.



Front  View - Draw Hentai Style
  1. The distance from the bust to crotch becomes shorter.
  2. The breast is made stronger.
  3. The legs become longer and more curvilinear
  4. The waist is narrow.
  5. The back is stylized.
  6. The arms are made thinner.
  7. The hips widen.
  8. The crotch is stylized.
  9. The feet are made more graceful and ankles are shrinking.

It is advisable to begin drawing real figures, and whit practice to improve the style, what will be possible changing the proportions of the body, to give it the typical stylized and sensuality of this style.




Profile Views




Profile Views - Draw Hentai style




  1. The breast stands up and goes straight ahead.
  2.  The buttocks are completely backwards.
  3. It is quite accentuates the curve of the waist .
  4. The hip and calf widen to stylized the ankles.


 Ideal Body



Ideal Body - Draw Hentai style


The ideal proportions of the body depends on the cartoonist and each style, but there are some general recommendations that must remember in all styles.  


  1.  The shoulders are slightly wider than the hips.
  2. The femur is the longest bone in the body, hence the thighs are the longest limbs of the body.
  3. The arms should has the necessary length for the hand touch the middle of thigh.
  4. The length of hands is approximately the same length as there is between the chin and forehead.
















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